Integrated Business Software

Netforce includes a range of integrated modules that should cover most of the needs of your business.

  • Accounting: complete double-entry accounting modุule to keep track and plan your finances.
  • Inventory: maintain accurate stock levels and calculate inventory costs
  • Sales: follow your sales process from sales lead to confirmed order
  • Purchasing: easily create purchase orders to suppliers
  • Delivery: keep track of your delivery process and manage your drivers
  • POS: ergonomic touch screen interface to quickly record sales and inventory transactions
  • Service: manage your projects and your after-sales services
  • HR: payroll, leave management, attendance tracking
  • Manufacturing: plan and track productions orders
  • Website: select a theme, add content and publish your website
  • Ecommerce: sell your products online
  • Document: upload, categorize and link your documents to your business transactions
  • Messaging: send email and sms notifications and link company email to your sales process


Security and data integrity is of the utmost concern for us. Netforce is used in critical systems with real-time constraints processing several billion dollars of transactions per year.

  • Physical security: we use only premier datacenter facilities for colocating our online servers. Each site is staffed with onsite security, equipped with security cameras and has biometric readers for access.
  • Employee access: none of our support staff has access to our online servers, only our engineering team has access to the servers.
  • Encryption: all connections to our online servers use standard TLS encryption. Backups are also stored in encrypted form.
  • Monitoring: all our online servers are equiped with monitoring and intrusion detection tools.
  • Backups: all customer data is stored on redundant storage and is backed-up daily to different secure locations.

Online Or On-premise

Customers can choose to use our online hosting service or use Netforce on-premise running on their own server.

Speed & Simplicity

Netforce has a user-friendly user interface that is faster than any other business software available. It allows you to efficiently connect to your business even in low-bandwidth conditions. It is designed for users to be able to complete all the different business processes in as few clicks as possible.


All modules in Netforce can be used on mobile devices with a reponsive web user interface. Native mobile apps are also available for IOS and Android for additional convenience.


Netforce only uses standard protocols and formats. This means that it can easily be integrated to other legacy systems and makes it convenient for customers to access their data.

Open Source

Netforce is developed as open-source software and is built from only the best open-source components such as PostgreSQL and Python. This means that customers will remain free of vendor lock-in and also ensures the continuity of the software. It also makes it easier to modify Netforce for any custom needs. Moreover, Netforce is released under one of the most permissive open-source license (MIT license), which means it can also be used as a framework to build commercial applications.

Services & Support

Our online service includes continuous support by email and phone. Other services like training or custom development are also available from us and our partners.


For more details, see our features list.